The Knights Templar Saint Michael Freemasons?

Many rumors are circulating about the Order of the Templars today, which raises the question of these Masons or not or are their supporters of another organization and hide under the guise of the Knights Templar? For this we have with the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Saint Michael as this is the only ecclesiastically recognized and sovereign Order worldwide. This gave us the following statement:


It is a fact that many people today are establishing a Knights Templar Order and relying on the old values of the Order, but then cutting them to get as much of them as possible. They ask for membership fees, offer other memberships in certain organizations such as the Masons and the like. They try by all possible means to get as many members as possible in their pseudo order to beat as much Provit out of it, but only a small part donated to the cover of the old order (humanitarian aid, and faith in God) to maintain , In truth, however, most of them are in the Order itself. The leaders of these Orders, who also make and use the ranks of the Order, have not been appointed ecclesiastically nor have they been appointed by an officially recognized Templar Council. They like to be photographed with members of "humanitarian" tasks or photographed with bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. The former bishop of the bishopric of würzburg once said in a request that the Templars should be recognized again by the Vatican, that they would never officially and unofficially recognize the Order and that this would not happen anymore Roman Catholic Church are recognized. These include the Order of St. John. The Holy See recognizes its own Vatican Order of Knights - Order of the Christ Knights; Order of the Golden Spur; Order of Pope Pius IX; Order of St. Gregory the Great; New Year's Eve Order -; In addition, there is the recognition only for two other orders: the Sovereign Order of Malta and Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. Our Order, the Knights Templar Saint Michael was recognized by the free Catholic Church, ecclesiastically recognized by its Archbishop and Patriarch Michael Schatta. We do not follow the Vatican or the Pope and do not recognize this, because he has betrayed us in the late Middle Ages to King Philip the Fair. Our Order is not about power or money or even about positions in public offices, but about protecting and helping everyone who needs our help. We support the Kingdom of Good Hope in South Africa, which claims its right for the indigenous people to recover their land, which was taken from them by the invaders. Her King Calvin Cornelius III of the Khoisan asked our Order for help. He petitioned the UN for recognition of the kingdom as a sovereign state. Some do not seem to like this and therefore try to put all those who support the king in the wrong light as well as our Order by saying that we are freemasons. I would like to reiterate that we distance ourselves from this organization of Masons and others and strongly condemn them for doing and acting for them. Our Order is once again an ancient Order of the Knights Templar, a pure Christian Order of Knights based on the 72 rules of the ancient Templar Order for the protection of anyone who needs our help. Should these rumors continue to be spread by those opponents of the King and the Order, then we can defend ourselves against them in order to stop these rumors and protect the people there. We will counteract any threat to the king and his people and his house under the protection of the Knights Templar saint michael and the free catholic church.


Alexandre E. de Blanquefort

Grand Master of the Knights Templar Saint Michael


This is what the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Saint Michel told us in his statement. Thus, the question is probably answered that the Knights Templar Saint Michael has in no way something to do with Freemasonry and other groupings.